this is a spot for samples, links and other resources for music produces

Here's some sample packs i made, download away, have fun, make noise. They are royalty free except for the Classic Breaks pack, use em however you want.

197 Drum Machines A giant pack of drum sounds from 197 drum machines, i got this from a chiptunes labels ftp directory, who knows where they got it from.
PO-12 A pack of percussive noises made with a Teenage Engineering po-12 pocket operator.
Future Retro XS drums A pack of percussive noises and more traditional drum sounds made with a Future retro XS synthesizer.
Classic Breaks Here's a pack of sampled classic break beats, the loops themselves and chopped up into individual hits. Useful to have sitting around in your sample library.
Oto Der waveforms a pack of unfiltered waveforms from the DER firmware of the Oto Biscuit, a limited run boutique synth. real crunchy chippy sounds.

Rad VST makers
Here's some vst plugin makers that make some really awesome stuff

KarmaFX awesome FX, especially their reverb, unfortunately no 64bit version of it.
arcdev noise industries awesome stuff, their website is gone but vst4free still has some of it. try the Dubbox, it's fucking crazy
Arto Vaarala Kirnu an awsome feature packed midi arpeggiator, 64bit and 32 bit. Amazing that it's free
Jeroen Breebaart he makes this awesome bitcrusher/downsampler called Time Machine, it's amazing because you can do subtle harmonic stuff with it. His site's gone but vst4free has you covered.
One Small Clue not free but Poise is the only pad sampler plugin that feels like you're using an mpc. brilliant stuff. fun to use too.
vst4free a giant catalogue of free vsts
KVR audio a giant sprawling website with an extensive database of plugins, software, apps and samples, both free and otherwise. Has forums too.

synthesizers and drum machines facebook group Tod Smith's facebook group, has jam challenges, feedback friday, lots of people frothing over gear, 1200+ members and somehow hasn't been overrun by spam from shithouse dj's. It has a positive vibe and everyone's real nice to eachother.
tasmanian electronic producers group a local group for my island state
synthesizers subreddit a subredit for synths and such, watch out it's reddit things can get catty for no good reason.

Synth makers you may not know about
We all know about Korg Moog, Nord, Roland, Arturia, Novation, Dan Smith, Teenage Engineering and Electron. Great stuff you can find at retailers worldwide, but there's an entire world of independent synth makers out there. Here's some of them:

Future Retro USA, Synths, Midi Tools, Sequencers
Oto Machines France, limited run boutique digital synths and FX
Bastl Instruments Czech Republic, Funky Granular synths and a sample, Eurorack modules and DIY kits.
Sonic Potions Germany, Eurorack modules, they also do an awesome DIY drum synth.
Synthino USA, an affordable kickstarted digital poly synth.
mutable instruments France, Eurorack modules, DIY projects
Analogue Solutions UK, Synthesizers, sequencer, Eurorack modules
Tangible instruments the Arpeggio, a standalone arpeggiator and sequencer
Synthrotek USA, synths, eurorack modules, guitar pedals, mostly DIY projects.
AVP synths Russia, synths, filter, drum synth
Rucci limited run handmade lofi synths, affordable too
Synthstrom Audible New Zealand, makers of the Deluge synth/sequencer
Foltek USA, Really interesting stuff, limited runs, one off synths and droneboxes. Unique stuff.
Eowave Synths, controller, Eurorack modules.
rare waves USA, synths, Eurorack, FX, DIY kits
Trogotronic USA, synths, modular, FX, fsu type stuff
Music From Outer Space DIY kits
Soulsbysynths UK, 8 bit desktop synth
Lep-Loop Synth, Drum Machine, Eurorack stuff
Twisted Electrons Synths, Eurorack, DIY kits
Dreadbox Greece, Synths, Fx, Eurorack
MFB Germany, Synth, Eurorack, drumsynth
Grp Synthesizer Italy, Synths, Sequencer
Erika Synths Russia, Synths, Eurorack, FX, midi tools
Koma Elektronik Germany, Eurorack, FX, sequencers, clockers
cat skull USA, The Arduinoboy, a midi gamboy interface
Macbeth Studio Systems Modular, l337 stuff
Make Noise USA, synth, Eurorack
Metasonix USA, Synth, Drum machine, Eurorack, FX
Kilpatrick Audio Synth, Midi tools, Eurorack, non Eurorack modular
Manikin-electronic Germany, modern mellotrons, Sequencer
Acidlab Synths, drumsynths, Eurorack
Sequentrix Music systems Sequencer
Gotherman Denmark, synths, FX, Limited runs
Sound Machines Synths, Eurorack, DIY kits
Artificial Noise Canada, FX, Droneboxes
Olegron Eurorack, ...other
Ciat-Lonbarde USA, Synths, electric organs, wooden cases
Atomosynths Peru, Synth, Eurorack
Dato Netherlands, The Dato synth,
Paia DIY kits, Fx, Synths, Eurorack
Critter and Guitari Synths
Meblip Canada, awesome affordable desktop synth
Modor nf-1 dsp poly synth
Anywhere Instruments Germany, Synths
Whimsical Raps Eurorack
Marsynth USA, DIY kits, Eurorack
Shmidt a beast of a synth!
Axoloti DIY project
Casper Electronics 1 off circuit bent creations, modded pedals, other cool shit
Audio Thingies diy kits, midi tools, poly
Xavier Hosxe France, diy fm kit

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